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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Smithfield Show Recap!

Learning music during the Workshop.
The BYU Young Ambassadors had the opportunity to perform at Sky View High School over the weekend! It was truly a wonderful experience. Before out show we were privileged enough to have a workshop with Encore, the Show Choir at Sky View High! Not only were we able to share some of our show with them, but we were lucky enough to get a private performance of a few numbers from their show. We were impressed at their willingness to work and to learn, their eagerness to try new things, and especially their musicianship skills. It was a wonderful afternoon for both groups.

Students from Sky View join the YA's in 'Just Haven't Met You Yet'

Below is a video of some of our Young Ambassadors recapping our performance that night!

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Here are a few 'bonus' pictures covering the last month of the Young Ambassadors:

Members of our Band and Tech crew enjoy a delicious meal before our Orem High show.

The beautiful theatre we were privileged to perform in at Syracuse High School.

These Young Ambassadors are excited for our bus trip home from Syracuse! It was a great show!

Ashley Haycock warms up the room at the start of our workshop at Sky View High School.

Ashley Haycock and Carson Wright are excited after a successful fourth show!