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Friday, February 1, 2013

YA Winter Semester Update

Whoa!  This blog has been abandoned!  We hope to keep it better up to date this semester.  The Young Ambassadors have had quite a year so far.  Many of you are aware that our current Young Ambassador President, Taylor Morris, was involved in a tragic accident over Thanksgiving and broke his back and neck. Now just two and a half months later, he has gone from being immobile in a trauma unit to back on stage performing with his back brace on, still awaiting the day when he'll be able to join us fully as a singer and dancer.  Our theme this year on the group is "Carry On".  Taylor has been a great example of this as he has carried on with a smile through this trial in his life.  The group has learned so much from his attitude that comes from his unwavering faith and trust in the Lord.  We love you Taylor!

The Young Ambassadors have many performances coming up in the month of February.  We perform our show Friday and Saturday the 8th and 9th at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City.  Then we have our shows on BYU campus Feb. 13th-16th in the Pardoe Theater.  The weekend after that we head out on our 10 day tour to parts of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.  February is going to be a busy month for us, but we are excited and ready to do our best at each performance.  We recognize the Lord's hand in helping to guide, direct, lift, and qualify our group to be able to share the message of eternal families and the love of our Father in Heaven.  If you're in the neighborhood, come and see us!

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